The homeless girl, by Thao Do

Little cool winds swiftly blow over my face. 
Small water bubbles hop on my cat umbrella drop by drop. 
Falling leaves.
Yellow-orange leaves fall loosely between my fingers’ space.

With backpack on the shoulder, I stroll along the street 
A squirrel comes across my way 
I ask “Where are you going, dear Little Squirrel?”
The squirrel replies “I am collecting almonds for upcoming winter”
“Can I come with you?”, I ask politely
The squirrel shakes his head “Nope, you are too big for my hollows”

Feeling not disappointed, I continue my way 
A swallow is perching on the fence
I ask “Where are you going, dear Little Swallow?”
The swallow replies “I am flying south to avoid the cold”
“Can I come with you?”, I ask politely
The bird brushes aside “Nope, you are too heavy for my wings”

Not giving up hope, I continue my way
A bear is drowsing near the lake
(Maybe while catching the fishes) 
I ask “Where are you going, dear Little Bear?”
The bear replies “I am going to sleep the whole winter” 
“Can I come with you?”, I ask politely
The beard looks and says “Nope, you are not fat enough for the hibernation”

Tiredly, I take a rest under a tree
A wind passes and asks 
“Why are you so sad, dear Beloved Girl?”
I nearly cry “I can’t find anything to do this winter”
The wind wisely replies “Then, let’s go 
Go everywhere and stop anywhere interests you” 

I say “Yes, why can’t I?”
Further horizon is my destination
Four corners are my home,
All things and animals are my friends 
I am a homeless girl

Open up the umbrella, I uncover my blue sky
Then shouting out “Little Wind, wait for me, I will catch you up!”

Manchester, 17 Dec 2015 

Illustrator: Lan Le