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The real nation is humanity. –Tracy Kidder

Book Reviews

  • Book recommendations: The Routledge Handbook of Smuggling 39 Vietnamese migrants died tragically in a lorry trailer in Essex, UK. They are victims of a smuggling operation in which they paid up to £30,000 to the traffickers to transport them to the UK. Theoretically, there are differences between human trafficking and smuggling. However, in practice, this line becomes blurred as smuggling victims are… Read More
  • Books reviews: Dead aid, by Dambisa Moyo Book review: MOYO, D. (2009). Dead aid: why aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa. New York, Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. Over the past 50 years, rich countries have provided more than one trillion dollars for Africa in order to promote the development of this continent. Does such a… Read More
  • Books reviews: Development as Freedom, by Amartya Sen Born in India, Amartya Sen is one of the world’s leading political economists. In his book “Development as Freedom” (1999), Sen believes that economic growth, social justice, and human rights should be considered as a centerpiece of economic development. In this book, he demonstrates the relationship between freedom and development, emphasizing that freedom is both… Read More


Reflective thinking

  • Shame, Poverty and Social Protection Xấu hổ, Nghèo đói và Bảo trợ xã hộiBài dịch từ Roelen, K. (2017) Shame, Poverty and Social Protection. IDS Working Paper 489, Brighton: IDS. Available at ‘Bất kể là ở châu Âu, châu Phi, hay châu Á, sống trong đói nghèo thường đi kèm với cảm giác tội lỗi, bị hạ thấp, và… Read More
  • How AI can protect children from online abuse The magnitude of online abuse problems Of the 4.5 billion Internet users today, 1 in 3 are under the age of 18 and often unsupervised (Sonia et al., 2016). While being online, children and young people face dangers from online activity such as cyberbullying, online abuse, exposure to disturbing content, or unwanted contact from adults.… Read More
  • The Future Role of Civil Society in Vietnam in 2030 The civil society has been playing crucial roles beside the state and the private sectors as the facilitators, conveners, innovators as well as service providers, and advocates in resolving social challenges as well as governance issues. In the fast changing context as the economic and geopolitical focus is shifting away from Europe and North America,… Read More
  • Your domestic robot: A spy, a helpful houseworker, or a loyal companion 1. IntroductionRobots will soon be an integral part of our lives (Gupta, 2015). People use domestic robots to assist with chores, provide care for the elderly, or assist children with learning. While they offer numerous benefits, they also introduce new security and privacy vulnerabilities into the home (Denning et al., 2009). With their ability to… Read More
  • Will we be able to reap the benefits of AI in education? INTRODUCTION  If Artificial Intelligence (AI) was still a myth for many education establishments, the recent COVID-19 crisis has accelerated its adoption. We know that AI has been introduced early in the educational system since its rise in 1980s. Since then, machine learning (ML) and AI have contributed to altering schooling tools, institutions, and learning styles,… Read More


  • Publications Thao, D. (2019). Preparing for the new school year, COVID-19: Will we be able to reap the benefits of AI in education? AIDA (Artificial Intelligence 4 Development). Available at: Thao, D. (2019). Enhancing early warning system through application of machine learning. In: Natural Disasters and Multi-hazard Early Warning Systems in South Asia. South Asia… Read More