The Future Role of Civil Society in Vietnam in 2030

The civil society has been playing crucial roles beside the state and the private sectors as the facilitators, conveners, innovators as well as service providers, and advocates in resolving social challenges as well as governance issues. In the fast changing context as the economic and geopolitical focus is shifting away from Europe and North America, and the activities of civil society are restricting in many countries, projecting the future role of civil society can be implications for decision-makers, the NGOs leaders and the officers make better strategies in dealing with these contexts, and operate their own organizations sustainably. Based on the four scenarios proposed in World Economic Forum in 2013 about the world in 2030 and driving forces of changes reshaping the civil society, this paper examines the future role of civil society in Vietnam putting in the changes of geopolitical, socio-economic context in 2030. The paper focuses on two questions:

  • What might the contextual environment for civil society in Vietnam look like in 2030?
  • How might the role of civil society play in these new contexts? How might the relations of civil society with the state, and the private sector would be in 2030?